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Applications open January 1, 2024

The Community Foundations administers scholarship funds established by individuals, families, corporations, and organizations to assist high school and other students in pursuit of educational opportunities which will help them meet and exceed their goals. These awards are charitable grants that the recipient is not required to repay. Scholarships may be used for legitimate educational expenses such as tuition, fees, and books. 

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The Community Foundations of the Hudson Valley Scholarship Application gives Hudson Valley students access to more than 50 scholarships. Our common application has a built in eligibility quiz which informs students which scholarships they are eligible for. Some scholarships require supplemental materials. Additional awards may require you to download, print, complete and submit your application to your guidance office or to the Foundations.

Each scholarship requires you to provide academic information such as your most recent transcript, a resume, an essay and at least two letters of recommendation from someone who is not related to you. Financial information (including summary page of your Student Aid Report which you receive after filing your FAFSA) may be optional.

Contact scholarships@communityfoundationshv.org or call 845-452-3077, Ext. 1020 with any questions about the scholarship process.

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The following scholarship resources will guide your scholarship process:


Contact scholarships@communityfoundationshv.org or call 845-452-3077, Ext. 1020 with any questions about the scholarship process.
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