Kingston City School District Mini Grants

This grant program is designed to distribute funds in amounts up to $5,000 per extra-curricular club in the Kingston City School District to enhance positive experiences for youth in the Kingston City School District. 

• Proposed use of funds should relate directly to the established theme/purpose/mission of the extra-curricular club or school-support organization. 

• Funds may cover clothing/spirit wear, supplies, equipment, special events, transportation, admissions, or to help defray the costs of students who do not have the ability to pay for their portion in cases where students/families are expected to pay all or a portion of the cost.

• The proposed costs should be reasonable and appropriate.

Any authorized (e.g. – parent, teacher, club advisor) representative of a Kingston City School District extra-curricular activity, booster club, or parent-teacher organization. This includes Kingston City School District sports, arts, and music booster clubs as well as parent teacher organizations. The grant awards can only be given to established, extra-curricular support groups that can accept checks.

Please note that applicants must apply for grants directly and user accounts should be tied to the booster club or parent-teacher organization, not the School District.  If you are collaborating with a grant writer, related faculty member, etc. on the grant application you may wish to add them as a collaborator to the application. 

The grant funds must be used for the positive student activity related to the original mission of the applicant club/support organization.

New start-up clubs and organizations are not considered at this time.  Clubs/organizations that existed pre-COVID and have taken a break from operating are eligible.

A club may only be awarded one grant per year.

The maximum grant award is $5,000 per club.

Applications must be submitted by the following deadline in order to receive notification for planning purposes:

Winter/Spring Deadlines: 
Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis with 3 deadlines for committee review:
March 1st  (April notification)
April 1st (May notification)
May 1st  (June notification)

Please contact Cristin McPeake, VP Programs with any questions. 
845-452-3077 ext. 1014


$ Cover processing fees

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