George A. and Catherine V. Quill Scholarship

Through the thoughtfulness and generosity of George A. Quill and his wife Catherine V. Quill a scholarship fund has been established for the benefit of the residents of Dutchess and Orange counties. Mr. and Mrs. Quill were active in their community as residents of Beacon New York for 35 years. The Quills encouraged young people to have faith in God. They stressed the importance in getting a good education being self sufficient and living a respectable and honest life.

This scholarship is not necessarily intended for those students with the highest grade point average but rather intended for those students who must apply themselves to prosper or those who are able to demonstrate financial need. 

Amount of Award(s):
$1,000 - $1,500

Number of Awards:

Type of Award:
One-time scholarship payable to school

Conditions For Continuation:
Not Renewable

Current High School:
Beacon High School, John Jay High School, Newburgh Free Academy, Poughkeepsie High School, Roy C. Ketcham High School

Current Level of Education:
High School Senior

Eligibility Requirements:
- Graduating senior from Beacon High School, John Jay High School, Roy C. Ketcham High School, Poughkeepsie High School or Newburgh Free Academy
- Ability to succeed in college but not necessarily the highest achieving student
- Demonstrating financial need
- Involvement in extracurricular activities sports and/or employment

Alternative Materials:
- A letter of recommendation must be provided by a teacher, an employer, and a member of clergy. All 3 are required.

Application Details:
With your completed Online Application you will also need to attach the following:

- Essay discussing your career goals, personal values, and community service (typed, limit to one page or 500 words).
- Most recent high school transcript.
- Resume and/or list of extracurricular activities.
- Copy of your Student Aid Report (SAR) and Expected Family Contribution (EFC) information, which you will receive when you complete and submit your Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).
- Three current letters of recommendation from a teacher, a clergy member and an employer or supervisor where you do a significant amount of volunteer work. These letters must have been written within the last six months.

Applications must be submitted online with all attachments by April 1.

$ Cover processing fees

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