Covid-19: Here's How We're Working to Support the Hudson Valley

Pivoting to Respond: Holding the Garden Party in Our Hearts

In light of the Covid-19 pandemic, Community Foundations of the Hudson Valley has cancelled its 2020 Garden Party. While we're sad not to be gathering with friends, we are holding the purpose of our signature event at heart. To fulfill the mission of the Garden Party and help the Hudson Valley in this time of challenge, we've launched Pivoting to Respond - an initiative to support and strengthen local nonprofits. 
We’ve already begun. With help from neighbors like you, our initial emergency response funds have resulted in stories like these:

We need your support more than ever. As one friend told us: “Although it’s difficult to make a donation as a non-essential small business, it’s more difficult to think of our community without the arts, education, passion, and lifelines that our nonprofits provide. We must support them. Now.”  Your contribution will help uplift our community and pivot from emergency response to longterm recovery.

Thank you to these generous individuals and businesses for supporting our effort of Pivoting to Respond:
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Adams Fairacre Farms
Ahsan & Associates PLLC
Elizabeth Peale Allen
Arteaga’s Health & Fitness Centers
Mike & Sandy Arteaga
Bank of Greene County
William & Joy Brenner
Peter & Christina Brent
Susan Roeller Brown & Langdon Brown
Rick & Nancy Rossi Brownell
Bruderhof Communities
Frederick & Alice Bunnell
Seamus Carroll & Marie Wieck
Central Hudson Gas & Electric Corporation
Eleanor & Martin Charwat
Linda B. Clarke
Elizabeth Corio
Robert J. Cotter & Kate O'Keefe
Sally J. Cross
T. Jefferson Cunningham III
Dean Family Fund
Nina Doyle
Raymond K. Duncan
Dunkin' Donuts
Michael Dupree & Michael Fleischer
Benjamin F. Edwards & Co.
Mark Fuerst & Lisa Reticker
Jane Garrity & Frank Serokosz
Arthur L. Gellert
Go Beyond Greatness, Inc.
Clara Lou Gould
Robert & Karyn Grieco
Ann Gross
Kevin Hamilton
Fred Hammond
Bernard & Shirley Handel
Rowena Haviland
Herzog’s Supply / Kingston Plaza
Ron Hicks
Thomas & Linda Hopfenspirger
Jaymark Jewelers
Brian & Celeste Jones
Brad Jordan
Aliza Krevolin & Lindsey Danis
Peter & Deborah Krulewitch
Krupp Foundation
Floyd Lattin & Ward Mintz
Lou & Candace Lewis
Frank E. Lucente, M.D.
Mary & Bill Lunt
M & T Bank
Cora M. Mallory-Davis & William C. Davis
Serena Marrero
Marshall & Sterling, Inc.
Claudio Marzollo
Vincent Mateo
Victoria Mayes
Cristin McPeake
Montgomery Row
Murphy Realty Group
Thomas Murphy & Ellen O’Leary
Marianne Murray & Richard Rowley
New York Ski Educational Foundation
Kip Bleakley O'Neill
Jim Ottaway
Package Pavement Company
PKF O'Connor Davies LLP
Prager Matis CPAs
Nat & Anita Prentice
Darlene Pfeiffer
Kevin J. Quilty
Herb Redl, Inc.
The Reis Group
Rhinebeck Bank
Riverside Bank, a Division
of Salisbury Bank & Trust Co.
Rondout Savings Bank
Rose & Kiernan
The Honorable Albert & Julia Rosenblatt
Elizabeth Rowley & Bill Fioravanti
Ryan & Ryan Insurance Brokers
Myrna Sameth
Brenda & Jim Santoro
Jane Barber Smith
Nevill & Karen Smythe
Judith & Paul Stoddard
Stone Ridge Wine & Spirits
Taconic Advisors, Inc.
Alan & Rosemary Thomas
Tinkelman Architecture PLLC
Ulster Savings Bank
Arthur & Linda Upright
Illiana van Meeteren
Detlef Wolf
Jeffrey Wood
Wood House Wealth Management

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