Farm Fresh Food Initiative

The Hudson Valley Farm Fresh Food Initiative provides annual grants to regional nonprofits to bring more fresh Hudson Valley produce to people in the region who need it most. Since its launch, this program has served over 2 million pounds of fresh food to tens of thousands of people.

Out of this innovative initiative the Foundations has partnered with other organizations and entities to launch an app (FeedHV) that links food donations to those experiencing hunger while mitigating waste, and to establish the Hudson Valley Food System Coalition, whose mission is to realize a more equitable and regenerative Hudson Valley food system by connecting food production, processing, distribution, consumption, and waste management practices while encouraging the use of our region's food resources to ensure the long-term health and sustainability of our community.

The Initiative began with generous support of the Local Economies Project of the New World Foundation and has grown to include support from other foundation partners including the NoVo Foundation, the Foundation for Community Health, the Ralph E. Ogden Foundation, the Thompson Family Foundation, the Louis Greenspan Trust, the Bruderhof and other generous donors.  Join them in making nutritious food accessible here.

To learn more, please read our Special Report here

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