Dutchess Responds Deploys $50K for Feeding in First Round of Funding

In collaboration with the Dutchess County Government and the Dyson Foundation, Community Foundations of the Hudson Valley is announcing the first round of grants to be deployed from the Dutchess Responds fund. The fund launched in late March to provide caring community members with a charitable vehicle for making a difference. It serves as a touchpoint of the county-wide Dutchess Responds initiative, which is working to mitigate the impacts of Covid-19.  
The first round of funding which exceeds $50,000 is shoring up feeding programs throughout the county, with a special emphasis on fresh produce and distribution. “To address the dynamic nature of this public health event, we anticipate that the needs of our neighbors will change – and the flexibility of this fund will ensure that we can pivot as the situation evolves,” said Nevill Smythe, Interim President & CEO of the Community Foundations.
“By design, the community foundation approach brings people together in generosity to leverage positive outcomes on a local level,” Smythe continued. “We are grateful to the County Executive, and to the County Government for galvanizing the community’s ability to respond in this moment. We are also grateful to the growing number of donors that are supporting this part of the Dutchess Responds effort. We also want to highlight and recognize the caring professionals who are delivering vital services at this time of great challenge. Working together, we know this community has the resources – material, and human – to help mitigate the difficulties others are experiencing in the wake of this global pandemic.”
Learn more and lend a hand by visiting The Dutchess County Government website
Donate online at: DutchessResponds.org
The list of recipients includes: Center of Compassion Food Pantry, Changepoint Church, Dutchess Community Action Partnership, Dutchess Outreach, Food Bank of the Hudson Valley, North East Community Center, Pawling Resource Center, Pleasant Valley Ecumenical Food Pantry, St. Andrew’s/St. Luke’s Food Pantry, and Zion Episcopal Church Food Pantry.
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