Legacy Society

Thanking You Today for Your Future Generosity

The Legacy Society recognizes those who have set aside gifts to the Community Foundations through their will or estate plans that will benefit our community in the future.   

How do I become a member?

You are already a member of the Legacy Society if you have made a gift to the Community Foundations in your will or estate plan.  Please let us know if you would like to be recognized as a Legacy Society member by completing the form below. If you choose to remain anonymous, you will be listed as an anonymous member of the Legacy Society.

If you wish to become a member and still need to make arrangements, please contact the Community Foundations.  Our staff is happy to discuss with you and your attorney or financial planner to discuss various giving options and answer your gift planning questions and concerns.

Legacy Society Members 

  • Anonymous (19 donors)
  • Aziz M. Ahsan, Esq. & Sadaf R. Ahsan, MD
  • Richard C. Albert
  • Michelle Anderson and Arianna Carparelli
  • Ms. Catherine Baer and Ms. Heather Whitefield
  • Ellen L. Baker
  • ​Dr. Richard V. Barry
  • Eli Basch
  • Ms. Enid Breisblatt and Mr. Jeffrey Telschow
  • Mrs. Susan Roeller Brown and Dr. Langdon Brown
  • Dr. Roy T. Budnik
  • CC Fund
  • Mr. Martin and Mrs. Eleanor Charwat
  • Ron and Maria Coleman
  • Mr. Raymond and Mrs. Joann Congelli
  • Robert J. Cotter
  • Mr. Russell J. Croce
  • Ms. Sally J. Cross
  • T. Jefferson Cunningham III
  • Mr. Brian Drabkin
  • Ms. Imogene Drummond
  • Mr. and Mrs. Stephen DuBois
  • Ms. Patricia A. Dunlop
  • Michael Dupree and Michael Fleischer
  • Mr. Vern Fish
  • March S. Gallagher, Esq.
  • Mr. John M. Garesché
  • Robert J. Gaus
  • Mr. Arthur L. Gellert
  • Mrs. Bette Greenwald
  • Mr. and Mrs. Conrad Heisman
  • James Hoover and John Aubrey
  • Susan Kavy and Victoria Klose
  • Betsy Kopstein
  • Lawrence and Joan Korducki
  • Dr. Thomas and Mrs. Jamie Koshy
  • Mr. Benjamin Krevolin
  • Dr. Daniel Lack
  • Ms. Barbara W. LaPietra
  • A. Floyd Lattin
  • Ms. Cynthia A. Lowe and Mr. Glenn B. Sutherland
  • Frank E. Lucente, MD
  • Lawrence R. Magill
  • Serena Marrero
  • Deacon Bill Mennenga
  • Mr. Dennis and Mrs. Karen Meyer
  • Ward L. E. Mintz
  • Sandra and Leonard Opdycke
  • Anne and Frederick Osborn, III
  • Mr. John P. O’Shea
  • Mr. Francis Palmieri
  • Theodore and Bernardine Prenting
  • Kevin J. Quilty
  • Ms. Andrea L. Reynolds
  • Mr. David J. Ringwood
  • Mrs. Stella G. Rossi
  • Margaret Rubin
  • Ms. Myrna Sameth
  • Susan Scarvalone 
  • Rocille and Roger Schmidt 
  • Ms. Pat Schories
  • Ms. Susan L. Siegel and Mr. David H. Gordon
  • Mr. Chip and Ms. Karen Simon
  • Raymond D. Smith Jr. 
  • Nevill and Karen Smythe
  • Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Sullivan
  • Rachel and Steven Tinkelman
  • Mr. and Mrs. Steven Turk
  • Peter Van Kleeck
  • Charles 'Bud' Walker
  • Mr. Jeffrey D. Wood
  • Mr. Stephen J. Wood
  • Ms. Rebecca Zilinski
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