Covid-19: Here's How We're Working to Support the Hudson Valley

Putnam Covid-19 Response Fund

Putnam Covid-19 Response Fund Grant Application

To move resources quickly, we have opened a simple, rolling application process. Funds may be requested for up to $5,000. Grant amounts will be determined by funding availability. Awards will be assessed based on need and may be used for both service delivery and operations essential to emergency response and viability. 

Funding priority levels:
Priority 1:  Front Line Grants fund community-based nonprofits that have increased demand for services due to COVID-19. These nonprofits have deep roots in community and a strong track-record serving people who are immediately and disproportionately suffering from this crisis.
Examples of the types of nonprofits in most need of Front Line Grant Support, as service numbers rise: community-based health clinics; food bank & food pantries; meal delivery programs; homelessness services and prevention programs.
Priority 2: Service-Challenged Grants fund nonprofits that are modifying their in-person service delivery modes extremely rapidly due to COVID-19, and need assistance to do so. These nonprofits likely need additional assistance to upgrade technology or sanitation protocols and obtain cleaning supplies & service personnel.
Examples include: youth centers, recreation centers, child care, senior services, adult day care, community-based education programs.

  • Any nonprofit or group working through a nonprofit to provide services in Putnam County is eligible to apply.
  • Schools and government agencies may be eligible to apply, if it is demonstrated that financial support is not available from other sources.
  • Churches and faith-based organizations are eligible to apply for projects assisting the wider community (i.e., not just members of their own faith or congregation), and if their outreach does not include the promotion of religious beliefs.

Organizations may reapply to the Fund as their needs change or increase. Grantmaking will continue until the fund is spent down.

$ Cover processing fees

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