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Hudson Valley Farm Fresh Food Grant Program

Nonprofit organizations serving residents of Dutchess, Orange, Putnam and Ulster counties who are considered food insecure and organizations addressing the issue of food insecurity are eligible for funding support through this program. Organizations involved in growing, collecting, distributing and serving farm fresh food and meals to those in need; including Community Supported Agriculture (CSA’s), agricultural and nutritional educational organizations, food pantries, soup kitchens, shelters and other nonprofit organizations that serve, or plan to serve farm fresh food to the food insecure are encouraged to submit a letter of inquiry. The Community Foundations’ goal is to support programs that have proven to be effective and to encourage and support collaboration and innovative solutions. New programs may be considered if the organization demonstrates the capacity to effectively carry out the project and have a plan for sustainability. Organizations that are not located in the service area must clearly document the number of residents in Dutchess, Orange, Putnam and Ulster counties being served.
Applicants are encouraged to review the grant guidelines carefully and may contact the Community Foundations if they have questions. 
Funding Focus:
The Foundation will focus its grant making on applications that effectively increase access to local, farm fresh food to the food insecure, including but not limited to:
  • Support of programs and services that provide effective, creative solutions to increase access to local, farm fresh food, address the issue of food insecurity, leverage existing resources and expand existing services- whether delivered independently or collaboratively
  • Support of programs and services that provide educational services and resources related to nutrition and health
  • Equipment to increase capacity to grow, collect, distribute and serve local, farm fresh food and meals to those in need
  • Support for evaluation of health and related indicators to assess outcome data related to the effectiveness of the farm fresh food program
  • Support of programs that thoughtfully integrate equity and social justice components to the farm fresh food program
Funding Available:
Funding for 2018, 2019 and 2020 has been allocated for this program. Applications are now closed. Future funding opportunities will be posted here when available.
Grants made through this program will not exceed $25,000 per year for individual organizations. There may be opportunities for collaborating organizations with broad impact to exceed $25,000 in funding. Multi-year funding requests will be considered with appropriate documentation in the application for additional years. Additional training grants and training opportunities may be provided to grantee organizations for use in staff, board or overall program development separate from this grant.
Letters of Inquiry are required and are available via the Grants Portal. Click here to access.
Contact Cristin McPeake, Director of Programs, at (845) 452-3077 or
Review Criteria:
Each application will be reviewed based on the following criteria:
  • Quality of Program/Project
Does the proposed project have a clear charitable purpose? Does the program/project meet the criteria of the Farm Fresh Food grant guidelines? Does the organization adequately describe the program/project and what it wants to accomplish? Does the organization present a clear and realistic plan for implementation, complete with specific activities and a timeline?
  • Capacity and Stability of the Organization
Does the organization appear to have the capacity to carry out the proposed work? Do they have previous experience with this type of program/project or do they demonstrate previous organizational or leadership accomplishments? Is there appropriate expertise and partnerships? Does the organization appear to be functionally and financially stable, based on review of the organization’s operating budget and financial statements?
  • Budget and Additional Support
Is the program/project budget clear and realistic? If this is an ongoing program/project, is there a reasonable plan for future funding? Is there evidence of support from other funders, or in-kind support for projects that require significant financial support?
  • Impact/ Results
How will this program/project make a difference to the target population and/or to the broader community? How significant is the program/project? Will the outcome be finite or of broad impact to the community? Will it provide a one-time benefit or a long-term impact? Is the program "change-oriented", addressing root causes rather than immediate needs?
  • Evaluation Plan
Are the goals well-defined? Does the organization have a viable evaluation plan? What is the likelihood that the plan will successfully measure the outcomes?
  • Reaction & Perceptions
Is there a sense of excitement or intrigue about this program/project? How important or timely is the issue the program/project addresses? What is the ripple effect of funding or not funding?
Review Process: All applications will be rated on these criteria and reviewed by the Grants Committee of the Community Foundations. All recommendations are reviewed and approved or declined by the Board of Trustees of the Community Foundations.    

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