Community Grants - Putnam County

Applicants are encouraged to review the grants guidelines carefully and may contact the Community Foundations if they have questions.  
The following organizations are eligible to apply for grants:
1.      Tax exempt organizations located in Putnam County, New York
2.      Tax exempt organizations providing services to residents of Putnam County, New York (organizations must be able to clearly document the number of residents in Putnam County being served). Please note that grants are not given to support:

  • Individuals
  • Debt reduction
  • Underwriting of special events
  • Capital project expenses such as design and labor. Material expenses may be considered. 
  • Travel and lodging expenses related to professional development/ training
  • Shipping expenses related to the purchase of equipment
  • Fundraising campaigns, such as endowment, capital or annual campaigns
  • Projects related to partisan politics or elections
  • Schools – However, grants may be made to support student/teacher community service programs targeted to assist community needs or for professional development opportunities at schools targeting disadvantaged populations
  • Religious organizations.  However, grants may be made to support non-religious programs provided through these institutions 
  • Expenses that have occurred prior to the expected announcement dates of the grant awards
The Foundation will focus its grant making on applications that address the following funding priorities that build the capacity of organizations and the community, including but not limited to:
  • Support of programs and services; whether delivered independently or collaboratively
  • Initiatives that support organizational sustainability; such as the development and implementation of programs, services and related educational materials that generate self-sustaining resources. Requests must be directly related to the organization’s mission
  • Equipment to improve office operations and/or program delivery
  • Professional development for staff and/or board members (excluding travel expenses)
One application cycle will be offered annually in the fall. 
Grants made through this program will not exceed $2,000. 
Online Letter of Intent LOI application/form. Click here to access the Grants Portal.
Due to the increased volume of the Community Grants, the Community Foundations will be accepting online Letters of Inquiry (LOI) in our grants portal from July 1st through August 15th. 

Following a review of the LOIs, organizations may be invited to submit a full proposal to the Foundations by October 1st.

Awards announced in December.  

Contact Cristin McPeake, Director of Programs, at (845) 452-3077 or
Each application will be reviewed based on the following criteria:
  • Quality of Program/ProjectDoes the organization adequately describe the program/project and what it wants to accomplish? Does the organization present a clear and realistic plan for implementation, complete with specific activities and a timeline?
  • Capacity and Stability of the OrganizationDoes the organization appear to have the capacity to carry out the proposed work? Do they have previous experience with this type of program/project or do they demonstrate previous organizational or leadership accomplishments? Does the organization appear to be functionally and financially stable?
  • Budget and Additional SupportIs the program/project budget clear and realistic? If this is an ongoing program/project, is there a reasonable plan for future funding? Is there evidence of support from other funders, or in-kind support for projects that require significant financial support?
  • Impact/ ResultsHow will this program/project make a difference to the target population and/or to the broader community? How significant is the program/project? Will the outcome be finite or of broad impact to the community? Will it provide a one-time benefit or a long-term impact? Is the program "change-oriented", addressing root causes rather than immediate needs?
  • Reaction & PerceptionsIs there a sense of excitement or intrigue about this program/project? How important or timely is the issue the program/project addresses? What is the ripple effect of funding or not funding?
All applications will be rated on these criteria and reviewed by the Putnam Advisory Board of the Community Foundation of Putnam County.  This Board is comprised of community members representing all areas of Putnam County.  All recommendations made by the Putnam Advisory Board are then reviewed, approved or declined by the Board of Trustees of the Community Foundations.

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