Corporate Advised Funds - An Efficient Way to Give

Creating a corporate advised fund at the Community Foundations is a simple and efficient way for your company to give to the causes and communities that matter most to you - locally or nationally.  We offer visibility to your company on our "Corporate Partners" web page.  We will work with your company to facilitate a corporate philanthropy program that makes a positive impact and allows you to focus on your business.

I’d like to open our corporate DAF today with a gift of $5,000 or more


  • When you set up a corporate donor advised fund, you choose the name and designate fund advisors to recommend grants
  • Your fund benefits from our investment pool, and the earnings are deposited back into your fund
  • Your company's fund advisors can make grant recommendations to charities that reflect your corporate values
  • We handle all the administrative details and issue grants to charities in the name of your fund
  • Access to our expert staff, whose deep knowledge about local and regional charities, community needs and best grant making practices can maximize efficacy of your grants
  • Maximum allowable tax deduction for charitable contributions; the Community Foundations can accept a wide variety of assets
  • Assurance that your philanthropy will be in full compliance with state and federal regulations related to grants and contributions
  • Increased efficiency - no additional tax return or audit required as with a corporate foundation
  • Engagement for you and members of your company's team with other community leaders through Community Foundations events with other donors and business leaders
$ Cover processing fees

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