What do we do?

  • We help people from all walks of life become philanthropists.
  • We accept and administer charitable contributions so that donors can focus on the causes that matter to them.
  • We provide individuals, families, groups, associations, businesses, corporations, service organizations, trusts and nonprofits (yes, pretty much everyone) with the information they need and the platform they can trust to make donations to charities, charitable causes, and scholarships.
  • Ultimately, we help you help others; we help you leave a lasting legacy. We assist financial planners and attorneys as they explore giving options to benefit their clients.
  • We provide in-person and online services as an alternative to private foundations.
  • We provide education through seminars, workshops, and meetings.
  • We help forge mutually beneficial relationships among professionals who are working with our donors.
  • We establish endowment funds for not-for-profits and other charitable causes.
  • We accept and administer monetary charitable contributions.
  • We provide seven different types of charitable funds and endowments.
  • We manage charitable assets.
  • We provide grants and resources to community organizations.
  • We distribute collected funds to others.
  • We supply funding to organizations working to promote arts, heritage, health, well-being of citizenry and civic life, and anything that is for the greater good of humanity in our region.
  • We provide educational information in-person and online including seminars and workshops.
  • We offer scholarship services.
  • We happily distribute funds to qualifying recipients.
  • We work with government, private foundations, and local leaders to address current and emerging needs.
  • We povide in-person and online information and news in the nature of charitable grants and services.
  • We collaborate with government, private foundations, and local leaders to evaluate, prioritize and address current and emerging needs.

In essence, we help you make a lasting impact on the lives of others, and engage everyone we know in charitable giving.

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